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The Daily News

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The Daily News has had a long and distinguished history in New York City. It was founded in 1919 as the Illustrated Daily News and later renamed the Daily News. It was the first American daily newspaper to be printed in a tabloid format and reached 2.4 million copies per day during its peak years of 1947 to 1966, making it one of the largest newspapers in the country at that time.

The paper’s modern incarnation is located in Jersey City, New Jersey, where it has been published since the mid-1970s. It is owned and operated by New York News Inc. The company’s flagship product is the Daily News, which has a daily print circulation of over 200,000 copies.

Aside from the print edition, the News also publishes a digital edition called E-dition, which is the most convenient and cost-effective way to read the News. It features a sleek interface and the latest in digital media technology, offering users an immersive experience.

Best of all, the E-dition is free to download on desktop computers and tablets. It also offers mobile versions for Android and iOS devices. The News also operates a number of websites, including its popular blog The Uptown Times, which has won multiple awards for the quality and quantity of its content.

Top of the line equipment and staff allow the company to produce a quality newspaper every single day. This, coupled with a competitive price structure, allows the News to deliver value to its advertisers while providing readers with a wide array of engaging and informative articles.

Most important, the company is proud to be a leading publisher of high-quality news, sports, and information. Its stable of titles includes 20 of the country’s most respected newspapers.

Besides its mainline offerings, the News has also produced several specialty publications, many of which have become iconic in their own rights. Some, such as The Uptown Times, have even been made into books and other products.