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The Daily News

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The Daily News is a tabloid newspaper in New York City, the country’s largest city. It is famous for its bold headlines and high-profile stories, particularly those involving crime, celebrities, or other public figures. The paper is sometimes considered sensationalist, but it has also been credited with uncovering many important scandals and unethical practices in the city’s government, businesses, and culture. The newspaper was once one of the most widely circulated in the United States, with a peak circulation of 2.1 million in mid-1975. It is currently owned by Tronc, which acquired it from Mortimer Zuckerman in 2017.

The newspaper was founded on January 28, 1878. It is the oldest college daily newspaper in the United States and has had many alumni go on to prominent careers in journalism, politics, and public service. It has been a primary source of news and debate at Yale since its inception, and is read by students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the campus.

In a time when the newspaper business has seen dramatic consolidation and digital disruption, the Daily News remains committed to its core mission of informing readers about their world with journalism that is fair, honest, and accurate. The paper’s award-winning writers, columnists and opinion formers bring the most important national and local news from around the world to New Yorkers. From the Yankees and Mets to the latest in politics and celebrity gossip, no other local source covers the City like the Daily News.

Readers can access the newspaper online through a website and mobile app, which features an intuitive interface and quick access to top news stories. The website is available free of charge, while the app requires a subscription to access premium content and features.

Unlike its crosstown rival, the New York Post, the Daily News has long been known for a strong editorial stance that is more liberal than conservative. It has also been known for a tendency to engage in inflammatory political polemics, especially when opposing the Democratic Party’s current leaders.

The Daily News has been losing money for years, and the financial struggles of its parent company are taking a toll on its staff. The venerable paper has seen several rounds of layoffs and cost-cutting since its takeover by the hedge fund Alden Global Capital last year. The newspaper is also reportedly facing bankruptcy.